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ALEXA RAY JOEL on the Beauty issue of BELLA magazine NY Photographed by VITAL AGIBALOW for HENSEL

June 7, 2018

BELLA magazine is on the newsstands everywhere in New York City now!
It was great pleasure to photograph ALEXA RAY JOEL @AlexaRayJOEL
For the May 2018 Beauty Issue of BELLA magazine NY
Officially ON NEWSSTANDS from Monday, MAY 14TH through to JULY 4th of 2018…
Get your copy today ! Barnes and noble and all other news stands !
ALEXA RAY JOEL is as talented and as beautiful as both of her parents

#BillyJoel @BillyJOEL and #ChristieBRINKLEY @ChristieBRINKLEY !

The issue features an in-depth article & intimate {at home} editorial spread inside.
Special thanks to our Behind The Scenes Team and everyone who was involved in this beautiful cover photo-shoot!
Photographed by VITAL AGIBALOW for HENSEL @VITALphotoNYC
BTS VIDEO & PostProduction @Kate_ROMANOFF
Styling: @thestyleduo
Art Direction & Style Consultant:@darlingcait
Makeup & Hairstyling: @BataMakeup using hair-products by @AngeloDavidHair
Hairstyling assistant @DavideAngeloHair
Cover Clothing-Credit: @KimHicksCouture
Thanks to HENSEL for the amazing light former Grand Mini 85 @HENSEL_VISIT
( Very Easy and very Quick to set – The Best for any Location Photo-Shoot )
Grand Mini 85 was used here with the very powerful mono light EXPERT D 500 !
The Best to use on any set in the studio or on the location for the photographers !

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It was such a pleasure to meet Living Legend and amazing woman CHRISTIE BRINKLEY at BELLA magazine NY cover party for the cover girl – #AlexaRayJOEL. . Живая Легенда #ChristieBRINKLEY с восхищением для Нью Йоркской Прессы!… . . BELLA magazine is on the newsstands everywhere in New York City now! . It was great pleasure to photograph ALEXA RAY JOEL @AlexaRayJOEL For the May 2018 Beauty Issue of BELLA magazine NY . Officially ON NEWSSTANDS from Monday, MAY 14TH through to JULY 4th… . Get your copy today ! Barnes and noble and all other news stands ! . ALEXA RAY JOEL is as talented and as beautiful as both of her parents #BillyJoel @BillyJOEL and @ChristieBRINKLEY ! . The issue features an in-depth article & intimate {at home} editorial spread inside. . Special thanks to our Behind The Scenes Team and everyone who was involved in this beautiful cover photo-shoot! . . Photographed by VITAL AGIBALOW for HENSEL @VITALphotoNYC . BTS VIDEO & PostProduction @Kate_ROMANOFF . Styling: @thestyleduo Art Direction & Style Consultant: @darlingcait Makeup & Hairstyling: @BataMakeup using hair-products by @AngeloDavidHair Hairstyling assistant @DavideAngeloHair . Cover Clothing-Credit: @KimHicksCouture . . Thanks to HENSEL for the amazing light former Grand Mini 85 @HENSEL_VISIT . ( Very Easy and very Quick to set – The Best for any Location Photo-Shoot ) . Grand Mini 85 was used here with the very powerful mono light EXPERT D 500 ! . The Best to use on any set in the studio or on the location for the photographers ! . .

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EDWIGE PIERRE Spring-Summer 2018 Collection by JOSHUA PIERRE

November 30, 2017

The Continuum Collection mainly is fueled by the energy of Morocco, as alluded to in Henri Matisse’s The Moroccans, and reflects a Miles Davis inspired effortlessness.  Rendered in bold, monochromatic colors such as taupe, mauve and sapphire blue, recycled poly and natural fabrics such as linen, cotton, poplin, canvas, seersucker and twill provide versatility and functionality to the sublime designs.  The garments feature seamless construction and silhouettes are both fluid and structured as iterated in the blazers and trousers.  Rhythmic patterns of the Moroccan mosaic from the Bahia Palace in Marrakesh adorn the cuffs and neckline of transitional jackets and accent the variegated tunics.  The double-breasted seersucker suit is treated with green tea and coffee, giving an edge to Southern classic attire.  The elongated linen tunics with their clean lines, offer easy sophistication and comfort.  The attention to functionality in movement also references a reinterpretation of high school sport uniforms.  This is menswear outside the confines of tradition, meant to be worn without restrictions or boundaries, in a nod to aesthetic freedom.



Joshua Pierre is the Creative Director and Founder of EDWIGE PIERRE, a menswear label that is inspired by the modern, international man who is individualistic, intellectually curious and has a multicultural sensibility.  The name is derived from Pierre’s late grandmother who was a master seamstress and pays homage to her passion for craftsmanship and impeccable tailoring as well as determination and resilience.

The collections are identified by easy comfort, high quality fabrics and impeccable construction as well as cross-cultural references that broaden the aesthetic in menswear, inspiring freedom of expression.  The garments are usually seamless and are constructed with Italian and Japanese textiles with a focus on durability and versatility as well as refinement and sophistication iterated in innovative and artful detailing such as bias cut collars, watch pockets, and Mandarin collars.

After graduating from DePaul University (Chicago, IL) and earning his Master’s Degree in Design and Fashion Brand Management from Polimoda (Florence, Italy), Pierre worked at iconic brands such as J. Crew, Intermix and RSVP Gallery before launching EDWIGE PIERRE with a limited edition capsule collection in 2014 during Pitti Uomo in Florence, Italy.  Pierre was born and raised in Houston, TX and New York City.  He currently works and resides in New York.


“The Pink Promise” Diamond, Recut and Improved by Stephen Silver, Matches World Record Price of Nearly 32 Million at Christie’s Hong Kong Auction

November 28, 2017

“The Pink Promise” Diamond, Recut and Improved by Stephen Silver, Sold at Christie’s Hong Kong Auction on November 28th, 2017

New York, NY (November 28, 2017) – The highlight of Christie’s Magnificent Jewels Hong Kong auction, a 14.93 carat Fancy Vivid pink diamond, sold for $31,861,000 USD, matching a world-record per-carat price for a pink diamond, a price far higher than comparable pink diamonds have achieved in recent years. Known as “The Pink Promise Diamond,” the scintillating pink oval mixed cut stone had delighted collectors and jewelry lovers as it toured New York, Geneva and Hong Kong prior to the auction. Its Fancy Vivid Pink designation by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) represents the rarest and most prized color grade in pink diamonds. The sale of the Pink Promise diamond represented a lucrative gamble for its previous owner, diamonteer and haute jeweler Stephen Silver. His visionary gift for detecting sometimes hidden qualities in gemstones led Mr. Silver to recut what was originally a 16.21 carat Fancy Intense pink diamond in a quest to achieve the stone’s maximum color potential. The exhaustive and risky recutting process led to “The Pink Promise” and its impressive auction sale.

Stephen Silver bought the original 16.10 carat Fancy Intense pink diamond in June of 2013, but with the practiced eye of a Gemological Institute of American (GIA) certified gemologist, he noticed that the stone’s cut made some areas of the stone appear to be washed out. In fact, this represented an opportunity to recut the stone and possibly achieve a higher color grade. Over a period of three years, Mr. Silver worked with a master gem-cutter to carefully plot a new cut for the ultra-rare Type IIa pink diamond, cutting the gem down facet by facet to save the most carat weight while coaxing the stone to yield the highest possible color. With each carat cut, Stephen Silver and his cutter gambled potentially millions of dollars in lost carat weight if the trimmed down stone failed to raise its color grade as hoped. Finally, a new GIA certificate affirmed that “The Pink Promise” diamond, with its final weight of 14.93 carats, had officially attained its latent potential and a new Fancy Vivid pink color grading, and a significantly higher appraisal value. A promise fulfilled, the stone was aptly named “The Pink Promise.” The ultra-rare Type IIa Fancy Vivid pink diamond was also assessed with an VVS1 clarity—the grade just under flawless—with no imperfections visible to the naked eye, and nearly imperceptible flaws revealed under magnification.

“The Pink Promise” wasn’t Mr. Silver’s first foray into purchasing important colored diamond stones. Over his career, Stephen Silver has cultivated a reputation amongst color gemstone collectors as a global leader with an extraordinary ability to procure, design, and handcraft the world’s finest jewelry and gemstones. Mr. Silver has worked with (and re-imagined) some of the most precious and coveted stones in the world, including precious fancy color diamond cuts in Fancy purplish red (“The Cranberry”), Fancy Vivid orange, “The Million Dollar Pumpkin” (as seen on the Today Show), and Fancy Vivid blue, each ranging from 1 carat – 6 carats in size. Given that only one in one thousand diamonds mined can be classified by GIA as truly Fancy color diamonds, color stones of this size and quality are extremely rare. With each increase in clarity and carat size, as evidenced by “The Pink Promise,” their value surges exponentially.

Mr. Silver also specializes in collecting significant signed and period pieces. Notably, Mr. Silver acquired the Cullinan Blue Diamond Necklace in 1992, donating it in 2010 to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History ̶ the second largest donation to the institution’s Gem and Mineral Collection in its history. Stephen has also previously acquired the iconic Cartier Croc Sapphire Panther Brooch. “The Pink Promise” marked the next benchmark in his remarkable gemological career, and his largest and most valued stone acquisition project to date. Remarking on “The Pink Promise” and its historic sale, Stephen Silver commented:

“The work we did on this particular diamond was the most challenging recut in which I have been involved, due to the technical difficulty and large financial risk. It is a privilege, however, to work with a world-class team and have my name associated with one of the world’s great gemstones.”

About Stephen Silver:

Stephen Silver is a Silicon-valley based gemologist, geologist, diamonteer, and philanthropist. Over the course of the last 35 years, Silver has established a reputation amongst his global network of jewelry industry contacts and elite gemstone collectors for his expertise in diamond and color gemstone cutting and jewelry design.

Intrigued by science and minerals from a young age, Silver studied geology at San Diego State University and earned a graduate degree from the GIA. Stephen began his career in Los Angeles at one of the largest diamond and colored gemstone grading, cutting, and sorting operations in the world. Returning to the San Francisco Bay Area where he spent his youth, Silver founded an estate jewelry firm specializing in antiques and precious stones. There, he gained access to a number of history’s most important colored gems, including the famous Cullinan Blue Diamond necklace. He went on to purchase this historic piece and donate to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. Stephen Silver expanded his business into a vertically integrated wholesale manufacture and retail operation of international reach, with two locations based in and around Menlo Park, California. Beyond his renown as a gemstone and jewelry expert, Stephen is also recognized in Silicon Valley for his extensive philanthropic work, having donated millions in recent years to causes in his community. For more information, visit


Vital Portraits von Vital Agibalow Einzel Fotoausstellung für HENSEL in der Konstantin Kunst Galerie

November 17, 2017

Die Retrospektive über die Arbeit des außerordentlich talentierten Fotografen Vital Agibalow begeisterte das Publikum bei seiner Eröffnung in der Konstantin Art Gallery in der Park Avenue in New York. Die Ausstellung umfasste die Bandbreite von Agibalows brillanter Karriere als Prominenten und Redaktionsfotograf, von seinem Botschaftervertrag mit HENSEL im Jahr 2008 bis hin zu seinen Porträts von bekannten Persönlichkeiten wie Karl Lagerfeld.

Die Ausstellung von Vital Agibalow umfasste eine Auswahl seltener Fotografien und Magazin-Editorials von VOGUE Italia bis hin zu den Porträts der 7. Generations Nachfahrin des amerikanischen Unternehmers Cornelius Vanderbilt, Sängerin Consuelo Vanderbilt-Costin und Bollywoods Superstar-Schauspielerin Priyanka Chopra.

Die Show von Agibalow, die in einer der exklusivsten Boutique-Galerien in New York, der Konstantin Art Gallery stattfand, sorgte in der New Yorker Modeszene für großes Aufsehen. Agibalows Ausstellung von Schwarz-Weiß-Porträts zeigt die letzten 10 Jahre der New Yorker Modeindustrie und Prominente. Es hob jüngere Arbeiten des Fotografen hervor. Einige der präsentierten Arbeiten waren noch nie zuvor ausgestellt worden und sind Teil von Agibalows neuem Fotobuch.

Die Ausstellung zeigte berühmte Fotografien, darunter die der Vogue-Redakteurin Anna Wintour, des deutschen Designers Karl Lagerfeld, des amerikanischen Designers Isaak Misrahi, der Oscarpreisträgerin Susan Sarandon, des It-Girl Olivia Palermo sowie der weltberühmten Supermodels Carmen Dell’Orefice, Candice Swanepoel und Behati Prinsloo , Miranda Kerr und viele andere.

Bemerkenswerte Gäste besuchten Agibalows Ausstellung:

• Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin, US-amerikanischer Sänger und Songwriter – Nachkomme von Cornelius Vanderbilt in der siebten Generation

• Emir Bahadir, türkischer Milliardär

• Stefanie Hertel, deutsche Sängerin

• Lanny Lanner, österreichische Liedermacherin / Sängerin

• Dr. Robi Ludwig, TV-Kommentator, Autor von “Your Best Age is Now

• Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich, M.D., Park Avenue gegründete Berühmtheit Plastischer Chirurg

• Cynthia Ott, ehemaliges Supermodel

• Laura Bonariggo, ehemaliger Seifenstern für One Live to Live.

• Vivienne Hu, Couture und Designerin aus New York

Im Interview mit Fashion TV erwähnte der Fotograf, dass sein Geschmack an Schwarzweißfotografie in der frühen Kindheit etabliert wurde, als seine Großmutter, eine berühmte Fotografin der Ukraine, ihm die Grundlagen der Arbeit in der Dunkelkammer lehrte. Agibalow ist heute ein Ziel für die weltweit bekannten Fotomarken und arbeitet immer noch gerne mit Schwarz & Weiß Bildprodukion. “Das Licht ist eine Essenz der Fotografie und ich experimentiere gerne mit verschiedenen Variationen des Lichts in meinen Arbeiten”, sagte Agibalow.

Die Vernissage der Ausstellung von Vital Agibalow fand am 14. und 7. November 2017 in der in der Park Avenue ansässigen Boutique KONSTANTIN ART GALLERY in New York statt und wird bis Ende Februar 2018 fortgesetzt.

Mediensponsoren der Ausstellung sind Fashion TV Worldwide und GETTY Images. Die Ausstellung wurde von VOGA Italia und Konstantin Art Gallery gesponsert.

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Выставка звездных портретов Виталия Агибалова на Парк Авеню в Нью Йорке

November 16, 2017

Ретроспектива работ культового фотографа моды, Виталия Агибалова (Vital Agibalow), состоялась в Нью-Йорке в галерее Konstantin Art Gallery. Публике были представлены как журнальные работы фотографа, который с 2008-го года является лицом компании HENSEL, так и портреты знаменитостей.

Пожалуй, самой запоминающейся работой на открытии выставки стал портрет повелителя многих модных домов Карла Лагерфельда. Посетителей галереи, расположенной на модной Парк Авеню, также приятно порадовала подборка снимков, опубликованных в итальянском Vogue. А также портреты Консуэло Вандербильт-Костин (Consuelo VANDERBILT Costin) , наследницы одного из первых американских магнатов, Корнелиуса Вандербильта. Людям, увлекающимся кинематографом, приглянулась обложка с модной актрисой Болливуда (а ныне, и Голливуда), Прянкой Чопрой (Priyanka Chopra).

Как стало известно в ходе пресс-конференции, предшествовавшей выставке, часть работ, представленных в галерее Konstantin Art Gallery, войдут в книгу портретов, над которой Виталий Агибалов работает уже несколько лет. По словам фотографа, за 10 лет работы в модной индустрии Нью-Йорка, у маэстро накопились снимки, никогда ранее не представленные публике. Судя по ажиотажу, разразившемуся после пресс-брифинга, модной элите Манхэттена не терпится узнать, на снимки каких именно знаменитостях намекал фотограф.

Судя по впечатляющему списку работ, благодаря которым имя Агибалова стало известно широкой публике, в готовящейся у публикации книге будут представлены работы самых сливок американской модной тусовки. Глядя на портреты идолов моды от Анны Винтур (Anna Wintour) и Исаака Мизрахи (Isaak Misrahi) до фотографий культовой актрисы Сьюзен Сарандон (Susan Sarandon) и «ангелов» Victoria’s Secret, остается только гадать, какие еще звездные сюрпризы готовит нам Агибалов.

Как и ожидалось, открытие выставки модного фотографа привлекло внимание самых взыскательных ценителей искусства. Помимо уже упомянутой Консуэло Вандербильт-Костин, на выставку Виталия Агибалова заглянули турецкий магнат Эмир Бахадир (Emir Bahadir), популярная немецкая певица Стефани Хертель (Stefanie Hertel) и австрийский композитор Лэнни Ланнер (Lanny Lanner), бывшая супермодель Синтия Отт (Cynthia Ott), и кутюрье Вивьен Ху (Vivienne Hu).

В интервью Fashion TV, Виталий Агибалов отметил, что его пристрастие к черно-белой фотографии началось в раннем детстве, когда его бабушка, известный в Украине фотограф, обучила его навыкам проявки фотопленки. С тех пор и по сей день, Агибалов отдает предпочтение монохромным изображениям, так как они позволяют экспериментировать со светом. «В век Инстаграм фильтров и Фотошопа, мало кто помнит о том, что свет – это основа качественного фото, – утверждает фотограф. – И если относиться к каждому фото портрету как художник, благородя игре с тонами и полутонами, модно получить запоминающееся фото без всяких Инста-фильтров.»

Выставка работы Виталия Агибалова находится в постоянной экспозиции галереи Konstantin до февраля 2018-го года. Информационными спонсорами выставки является телеканал Fashion TV Worldwide и Getty Images. Организаторы приносят благодарство генеральным спонсорам выставки, галерее Konstantin Art Gallery и VOGA Italia.

* * *

Виталий Агибалов – профессиональный фотограф Европейского происхождения. Его работы со звездами экрана и модными иконами хорошо принимаются американской и европейской модной индустрией. За годы работы в Нью-Йорке, Агибалов сотрудничал с такими компаниями, как Sephora, Victoria’s Secret, Casio, Disney, Temptu и Keratin Perfect. Он также является лицом компаний HENSEL и VISIT, занимающихся производством профессионального студийного фото оборудования.

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“VITAL Portraits” by VITAL AGIBALOW, Solo Photography Exhibition for HENSEL at KONSTANTIN ART GALLERY

November 16, 2017


November 16, 2017


Solo Photography Exhibition for HENSEL at KONSTANTIN ART GALLERY

Retrospective on the work of the extraordinarily talented photographer Vital Agibalow wowed audiences when it opened in New York at the city’s Park Avenue-based Konstantin Art Gallery. The displays spanned the breadth of Agibalow’s brilliant career of a celebrity and editorial photographer, from his ambassadorship contract with HENSEL in 2008 to his portraits of such A-list celebrities as Karl Lagerfeld.

Vital Agibalow’s exhibition brought together a selection of rare photographs and magazine editorials from VOGUE Itala to the portraits of seventh-generation descendant of American entrepreneur Cornelius Vanderbilt singer Consuelo Vanderbilt-Costin and Bollywood’s super star actress Priyanka Chopra.

Agibalow’s show, hosted at one of the New York’s most exquisite boutique galleries, Konstantin Art Gallery, created a major buzz in New York’s fashion community. Agibalow’s exhibition of black and white portraits captured the last 10 years of New York’s fashion industry and celebrities. It highlighted more recent work by the photographer. Some of the works presented had never been exhibited before and are a part of Agibalow’supcoming photography book.

The show featured famous photographs including those of Vogue editor Anna Wintour, German designer Karl Lagerfeld, american designer Isaak Misrahi, Academy Award winner Susan Sarandon, it-girl Olivia Palermo, as well as world known supermodels Carmen Dell’Orefice, Candice Swanepoel, BehatiPrinsloo, Miranda Kerr, and many others.

Notable guests attended Agibalow’s exhibition:

• Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin, American singer and songwriter – seventh-generation descendant of Cornelius Vanderbilt

• Emir Bahadir, Turkish Billionaire

• Stefanie Hertel, German Popular Singer

• Lanny Lanner, Austrian songwriter/singer

• Dr. Robi Ludwig, TV commentator , Author of “Your Best Age is Now”

• Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich, M.D., Park Avenue based celebrity Plastic Surgeon

• Cynthia Ott, Former supermodel

• Laura Bonariggo former soap star for One Live to Live.

• Vivienne Hu, NYC-based couture and ready-to-wear designer

In interview to Fashion TV, the photographer mentioned that his taste to black and white photography was established in early childhood when his grandmother, Ukraine’s famous photographer, taught him the basics of working at the darkroom. Nowadays, a target for world’s famous photography brands, Agibalow still enjoys working with B&W imaginary. “The light is an essence of photography and I love experimenting with different variations of light in my works,” said Agibalow.

The opening reception of Vital Agibalow’s exhibition took place at Park Avenue – based boutique KONSTANTIN ART GALLERY in New York on November 14th 7, 2017 and will be continued until the end of the February 2018.

Media sponsors of the exhibition include Fashion TV Worldwide and GETTY Images. The exhibition was sponsored by VOGA Italia and Konstantin Art Gallery.

* * *

Vital Agibalow is a professional photographer of European descent. His work has always been well received. His passion for shooting New York’s A-list celebrities, Victoria Secret’s fashion performances and Stylish portraits makes him an in demand professional with in the industry. Vital has collaborated with Sephora, Victoria’s Secret, Casio, Disney, Temptu, Keratin Perfect and Eve Pearl cosmetics to name a few advertising clients. He’s also a brand ambassador for the professional lighting brands HENSEL and VISIT.

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BELLA Magazine cover with GERARD LONGO photographed by VITAL AGIBALOW for HENSEL in New York.

June 1, 2017


BELLA Magazine ( New York ) cover with GERARD LONGO , Power Player in LUXURY REAL ESTATE of New York City. Published June 2017


Photographed by VITAL AGIBALOW for HENSEL in New York @VITALphotoNYC


Grooming by KATE ROMANOFF for @ MAC cosmetics

Location – 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge


Gerard Longo wearing;

Jacket & Shirt – PETER MILLAR @petermillar

Jeans – JOE’s @joesjeans

Belt – BURBERRY @burberry

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Consuelo VANDERBILT Costin with Dr.Christopher Calapai and Dale Noelle for Social Life Magazine september 2016 cover photo shoot by Vital Agibalow for HENSEL

September 1, 2016

Consuelo VANDERBILT Costin with Dr.Christopher Calapai and Dale Noelle

for Social Life Magazine
Published september 2016 HAMPTONS USA


Cover photo shoot by VITAL AGIBALOW for HENSEL @VITALphotoNYC

MakeUp by Kate ROMANOFF @Kate_ROMANOFF for @MACcosmetics
Hairstyles by Dion Moore for Angelo David Salon @AngeloDavidHair
Manicurist Mariana Kryekurti for Angelo David Salon @AngeloDavidHair
Stylist Montgomery Frazier @theimageGuru

Fashion Credits;
On Consuelo VANDERBILT Costin dress by Nicole Miller @NicoleMillerNYC
on Dale Noelle dress by Carmen Marc Valvo @CarmenMarcValvo

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August 16, 2016

There are a lot of reasons why Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin is one of the more interesting people that one may encounter. One reason would be that she has excelled in several fields that are entirely unrelated; those fields would be music, fashion, and philanthropy. Another reason would be that the projects she works on are usually ahead of the curve, striving to be unique and quality-oriented. Another reason would be that she is from an iconic New York family, although that is not something that Consuelo ever rests on; she is a seventh generation descendent of shipping and railroad tycoon, Cornelius Vanderbilt, and great-great-great niece of Consuelo Vanderbilt, the Duchess of Marlborough.



Fashion Editorial photo shoot

Photographed by VITAL AGIBALOW for HENSEL

MakeUp by Kate ROMANOFF
hair Stylist Kailie JOE


Published July 2016 at DOWNTOWN magazine NYC